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Delivery & Returns

We deliver! La Lu can also remove your old furniture through our partnership with

$149 Platinum Delivery

Platinum delivery service is used for high rise condominium or above ground floor deliveries and customers who need their old furniture moved out of the room to a different room in their home. A two hour delivery window and a “white glove” installation consisting of setup will be provided.

$89 Gold Delivery

Gold delivery offers a two hour delivery window and “white glove” installation consisting of a complete setup. This service does not include moving any old furniture. All wooden bunkbeds and captains beds are an additional $75 for setup.

$59 Silver Delivery

Silver delivery does not include any set up. The furniture will be delivered wrapped or boxed directly from our warehouse or showroom floor.

Additional Delivery for secondary products or suites- please call store for details

$99 Furniture Disposal

Disposal of the old furniture (5 items or less) is available

Free Pickup

Merchandise will be picked up at the showroom or warehouse

Assembly and Delivery

Delivery cannot be canceled after phone confirmation has been made, and should be received in the time frame given to the customer, if the customer is not present to receive the goods, a re-delivery charge will be applicable in order to make the delivery again on another date. Our drivers will place your furniture where you want it one time. Removal of existing furniture can be done for a fee or scheduled through our partnership with This partner also has a fee for removal of some items depending on its condition and size. Normal set up includes reversing drawer hardware, attaching mirror supports, assembling beds and dining room tables. We are not equipped to dust, hang mirrors on walls, level furniture on carpet, or cut bed slats. If upon placing the furniture in your home, it is found to be too difficult to maneuver a piece of furniture in narrow halls, doorways, or stairwells, then La Lu Furniture cannot be responsible for any damages to furniture, floors, or walls. Note that if your home is not accessible to our truck or is above the second floor without access to an elevator it will be your responsibility as the customer to provide a means to transportation from the truck to your home. To ensure the safety of our drivers, La Lu Furniture will determine if they will make deliveries during hazardous weather condition.

Damaged Merchandise

The customer is responsible for inspecting the merchandise upon receipt and must communicate in writing any visible damage before signing the delivery receipt. Damaged items must be packed in their original boxes and returned at the time of the delivery with the same delivery truck or prior to pickup at the store. Reports of damage after this time of delivery will not be honored.


Merchandise sold by La Lu Furniture is not warranted by our store. All furniture has its own warranties, from the manufacturer or supplier and it is attached to the furniture purchased. Please refer to the warranty card for coverage and procedures. La Lu Furniture will assist customer with any warranty claims that are made within the first 30 days of purchase, only if La Lu Furniture delivered the furniture. All warranty claims require photograph of the warranty problem and a copy of the original invoice. Warranty is voided if the merchandise is transported to a different location from the final delivery address. Warranty does not cover abuse of the merchandise or normal wear and tear. There are not warranties on pick-ups, floor sample or closeouts. All mattresses, mattress covers, and pillow sales are final.

Cancellation & Return

All orders are not refundable and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. If La Lu Furniture has not received the furniture from the manufacturer or supplier, it is at the stores discretion if a customer can have an even exchange option on items originally purchased. Furniture must be claimed and in the customers possession after 15 days of arrival to the warehouse distribution center. If furniture is not claimed within the allotted time or arrangements have not been made, storage charges not to exceed 10% of the total purchase on a monthly calculation will apply. Merchandise labeled “As Is,” “Floor Sample,” as well as any “Special Orders” are irrevocable and are not subject to refund, exchange, or cancellation.

Lay Away

Orders must be paid in full within three months through equal monthly installments. Failure to make payments as specified above will be viewed as a cancellation. Your deposit will be forfeited and your purchase will be canceled. Other fees may apply if your deposit was not sufficient to cover all applicable fees that La Lu Furniture incurred by ordering the furniture selected by the customer.


Customer voluntarily assume all risk of accident when using any product on the order and agree to release of liability and forever discharge La Lu Furniture of any and all claims, demands or suits which have arisen or may arise as a result of the use of any product. In the event La Lu Furniture takes legal action concerning the terms of this agreement, whether or not the matter proceeds to judgment, La Lu Furniture shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and out of pocket costs incurred.